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Preserving culturally rich lands is of vital importance

Archaeologist Richard Hansen has spent four decades with a group of 40 plus archaeologists and specialists in El Mirador, a pre-columbian Mayan settlement in...

Riverside county’s sheriff department needs to be held accountable for inmate deaths

Seemingly since its conception, there has been varying discourse related to law enforcement in this country. Distrust filters down to every rung on the...

Four-day work weeks might be a step in the right direction for the US

The idea of a four day work week might feel bizarre to Americans considering the United States has only ever participated in a five...

Online dating is ultimately still unreliable

Online dating has become a societal norm. Using different apps such as Hinge, Tinder and Bumble is now common. Through these dating apps, users...

ICE should be held responsible for their actions

There was recently an Immigration and Customs Enforcement data breach on Nov. 28th that resulted in the release of thousands of immigrants’ personal information,...