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Highlander Newsroom 11/05/14

This week on the Highlander Newsroom, we discuss how we celebrated Halloween, the convivial atmosphere of the Food Truck Festival and how student athletes are treated in the wake of the college athletics cheating...

Highlander Newsroom – 02/15/2012

Highlander Newsroom is a weekly radio program broadcast on KUCR 88.3 on Wednesdays at 9AM. The show, hosted by UCR's Highlander Newspaper Editorial Board, discusses, debates and jokes about current events both on campus...

Highlander Newsroom 03/04/15

This week in the Highlander Newsroom, we talk about Riverside potentially legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries this summer, the laughs at Comedy Apocalypse XII and more about ASUCR's R'Gear sweatshirt giveaways. Be sure to catch the...

Drone Happy

Video: 2014 ASUCR Directors Debate

Watch the 2014 ASUCR directs debates moderated by the Highlander's editor-in-chief Michael Rios. http://youtu.be/oPIut1eEOcw


Highlander Newsroom 11/26/14

This week on the Highlander Newsroom, we discuss what our plans our for Thanksgiving Break and talk about all aspects of the UC tuition increase, from the action at the regents meeting to student...