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Things We Enjoyed … (Issue 30)

“Nirvanna The Band The Show” In the vein of comedy characterized by publicity stunts and feigned ignorance — the kind Sacha Baron Cohen and Mega64...

The Flash Season 3: The Scarlet Speedster is losing his charm

This article contains light spoilers Let’s get this straight: “The Flash” is a fun show. Its first season burst with excitement and confidence — a...

Things We Enjoyed…(Issue 26)

CW’s Superhero Shows After a one-month-long hiatus, the superhero shows that take up most of the real estate on the CW’s nightly schedules came back...

The Flash: “The man who saved Central city”

Audiences got their first look at a modern, live adaptation of DC Comics’ own scarlet speedster last year with CW’s “The Flash.” With superheroes...
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