CW’s Superhero Shows

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

After a one-month-long hiatus, the superhero shows that take up most of the real estate on the CW’s nightly schedules came back on air to finish their respective seasons this past week.

For as underwhelming “The Flash” has been this season, this past week’s episode proved to be a high point for the series as Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) sped to the future to a very grim timeline that drew heavy on the “what if?” scenario if Allen failed to stop the season’s main antagonist, the speed God known as Savitar. Unlike “Supergirl,” there is an endgame in the near future and will no doubt end in a catastrophic clash between the two speedsters.

And after two consecutive disappointing seasons, I’m glad to be enjoying this season of “Arrow” once more. The series has had an inconsistent history but thanks to the addition always-one-step-ahead Prometheus (Josh Segarra), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is brought to the lowest point of his life, broken and defeated as the titular bow-and-wielding vigilante.

Even with the overabundance of superheroes in films today, it’s so great to see superheroes like “The Flash,” “Green Arrow” and “Supergirl” — once stagnant to the to the comic book pages they’re derived from and, at least for my generation, the animated shows that permeated through the early 2000s — kick ass in their respective live action series.