1. Take Martial Arts.

The Student Recreation Center has a variety of fun and cheap ways to burn calories and kick ass. Just remember, violence is never the answer.


2. Treat Yourself.

You’re reading the Highlander, so we know you must be awesome. You deserve a little something for you, whether it be a Costco-supply’s worth of cookies or Grand Theft Auto 5.


3. Get Outside.

Too long at desks can make people nutty. Hike to the C or check out the bamboo at the bottom of the trail. Visit the Botanical Gardens or just hug a tree. Nature is healing.


4. Listen to some music.

KUCR plays some nice stuff to chill to, or you can hunt down pretty much anything on Spotify.


5. Get lost in a good book, movie, TV show, or video game.

Real life just sucks sometimes. Yay escapism!


6. Go running.

Riverside’s a sprawling city, and there’s plenty of room to just go out, move around and drown your troubles in a runner’s high.


7. Go eat with friends.

One of the best places to go eat, watch a sports game and hang out with friends is the Getaway Cafe. It’s the perfect stress reliever. Heck, the name says it all.


8. Meet new people.

Joining a new club or organization is a great way to make new friends and do things that are exciting and enjoyable. The more the merrier!


9. Go to a concert.

After a long day of classes, simply walk over to the Barn and rock out in one of the Barn’s concert series. They happen pretty frequently and best of all: They’re only five bucks for UCR students.


10. Shout into a pillow.

Just let it all out, all those things you can do without. Tears For Fears fans know what we’re talking about.


11. Buy an extra Scantron just to rip or burn it.

Pointless? Absolutely. Costs you money? Yup. But it sure makes you feel like you’re sticking it to the man. And that is a priceless feeling.


12. Take a nap.

Sometimes you just need a few more hours in Dreamland.


13. Get yourself a good drink.

We at the Highlander don’t condone underage drinking. We do, however, condone you checking out this week’s “21 and Over Club.”


14. Watch the PandaCam.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can watch pandas sleeping, eating and doing whatever it is that pandas do. They are so adorable.


15. Cook something delicious.

Following an easy recipe online can actually be super soothing. Plus, you get food. Score!