1. The Scotty bench-statue at night

It stares at you in the darkness. Always.


2. The gas-emitting greenhouses

Who knows what they’re really cooking up there. Probably the stuff of nightmares.


3. The trail snaking through Family Housing

Complete darkness, full of cabins — Jason Vorhees would have a field day.


4. Downstairs laboratories of Bourns Hall

No better place to hide a body or breed an abomination in the name of science.


5. Watkins Hall — all of it

There’s probably no place on campus more fitting to see little girls chanting, “Red Rum.”


6. The Citrus Groves

If you decide to wander these at night, you’re just asking for a recently-escaped mass murderer to stab you 37 times.


7. The C at night

If you think travelling up that steep and winding path anytime after dark is a good idea, you’re going to have a bad time.


8.  Rivera Library

Rumor has it that Rivera is haunted by the ghosts of your hopes and dreams.


9. Every Single Elevator

Muzac and creaking wires: the songs of the damned.


10. The forestal area next to A&I

You never know if there’s more than just coyotes lurking in those bushes …


11. Physics 2000

One wrong step and you’re setting foot into an early grave.


12. The third floor of Pierce Hall

With the flickering lights, lack of windows and impossibly-located exits, it’s never so relieving to step outside and see the sun again. Small victories.


13. The maddening maze known as the Arts Building

There are fewer twists and turns in an M. Night Shyamalan movie.


14. Lot 30

There’s a lack of lighting, it’s nearly endless and you have to go under a bridge to get there. It’s practically the Twilight Zone.


15. The Highlander office

Come by on a Sunday night, and chances are you’ll find zombies editing articles.