1) Look up your registration time on Growl

Seemingly obvious? Yes. But do a lot of people forget? Also yes.


2) Don’t be afraid to explore

For example, a lot of general biology classes fill up, but entomology classes sometimes fulfill the same requirement. Who knows, maybe you’ll even come to love cockroaches.


3) Always be aware of the class times

A 10-minute gap to go from Bourns to the UV is not as doable as you think it is.


4) But don’t just take classes for their times

A professor you like at 8 a.m. is still preferable to one you don’t at 3 p.m.


5) Email your advisor if you have issues

They won’t do all of your work for you, but they kind of get paid to help you out. Don’t be shy.


6) Email professors for consent if you don’t meet the prerequisites

Sometimes you can get a jump on upper division classes if you just take some initiative.


7) Try to get lectures on the same days

Again, it shouldn’t be your priority … but let’s be honest, having three-day weekends every week is pretty cool.


8) Get your general education stuff done ASAP

You’ll want your later years purely focused on your major.


9) Don’t overload yourself

Twenty units is ambitious, but you’ll lose sleep and free time. This is college. Enjoy your years here as much as you can before you die.


10) Don’t over-rely on Rate My Professor

Approach that website with caution. Not all the advice on it is sound. Especially the chili peppers.


11) Come up with backup classes to take

Sometimes the classes you’re looking for get full. If that’s the case, it’s not the end of the world. Sometimes Plan B ends up being great.


12) Make sure you register for at least 12 units

Unless you’re a part-time student, you must register for 12 units, or you’ll only receive $12 in financial aid.


13) Don’t rely on the calendar on

It’s been known to allow overlapping classes — making for a nasty surprise when you try to register on GROWL.


14) Register as early as you can

There are hordes of students constantly clawing for classes. Slack off, and you may get trampled by the horde.


15) Check the general catalog

There are better descriptions of courses than on And sometimes they even list which quarters classes are offered.