Out of the record 183,272 students who applied to the University of California this past year, 86,865 students have been offered admission to the UC for fall 2014, according to UCOP. The record number of admitted students also includes more Californians, Latinos and international students than ever before.

“We are honored to extend admissions offers to this accomplished and diverse group of applicants to the University of California,” said Stephen Handel, associate vice president of undergraduate admissions after the announcement was made.

Despite the overall increase in admissions, however, most UCs reported decreases in admitted students. Only UCR, UC Santa Cruz and UC Davis reported increases. Those numbers were high enough to increase the overall average in admissions, however, at 4.8 percent.

UC Santa Cruz, for instance, reported an increase of over 4,000 students while UCR admitted over 1,000 more this year than last year. The total admission at UCR came to 19,797 students, an increase of 7 percent.