At Thai

A sit-down restaurant nestled between the Spot and the Mad Platter, At Thai has a large selection of dishes for those craving Thai food. From pad see ew to chow mein Thai style, there’s surely something on the menu for everybody.

Boba Cafe

What’s another boba place in R’side anyway? Iced teas and slushies are the favorite here, best paired with their popcorn chicken.

Busy Cafe

For busy students, the Busy Cafe is one more place for students to hang out and grab a bite to eat. Dim sum and pork noodle soup are among the offerings on this Chinese-centric menu.


Subway meets Pho soup? UCR thinks yes as customers get to customize their own bowl. This restaurant graced our presence early last year and the scent of fresh basil still hovers over the University Village.

Fire and Ice Seafood

If you expected flames and snow, think again. Fire and Ice (now known as Frice) serves up everything from seafood to french fries. Ever want to pair Irish coffee with cajun shrimp? Now you can.

Oven 450

The sister restaurant to Calibasil, Oven 450 takes creativity and a brick oven to a whole new level. With crisp flatbreads, toasty desserts and vegetarian offerings, Oven 450 is definitely unique to UCR.


Opening this fall, Piad’Amore promises quality Italian food with its selection of flatbread sandwiches. For those of you craving cuisine with a bit more American flavor, don’t worry — pizzas and calzones are on the menu, too.

Pho Vinam Restaurant

When the weather changes from pit of hell to the peak of Mount Everest overnight, there can never be too many pho restaurants. Catering to hungry college students’ needs, Pho Vinam serves up everything from House Special bowls to Broken Rice dishes.

Polar Bear Shaved Ice

The perfect place to cool down after a broiling Riverside day, Polar Bear Shaved Ice offers a wide selection of flavors (such as taro and mango), combined with a can’t-be-beat deal of unlimited toppings. And don’t worry — no polar bears were harmed in the making of the shaved ice.

Ranch One

Chicken is the product here, and Ranch One offers multiple ways to eat it — in a sandwich, in a taco, or all by its lonesome. Prices are friendly for a college student’s budget, and they do frequent promotions, helping you get even more bang for your ”buk.”

Ray’s Pizza

A starving college student can never go wrong with pizza, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Ray’s Pizza. You can create your own for even the pickiest of eaters, or if you’re feeling a bit more peckish, just go for pizza by the slice or one of the handful of other offerings on the menu.


Need a spicy tuna roll fix? Or some sake bombs to celebrate that essay? Sushiya is the go-to sushi place for UCR that serves up favorites with smiles.

Teriyaki Bowl

Exactly what it says on the tin, Teriyaki Bowl’s biggest asset are the low prices. Teriyaki is certainly on the menu, but there’s also takoyaki and nabeyaki udon.

The Spot Sports Bar and Grill

Probably one of the most anticipated places in the University Village, The Spot opened its doors over the summer and it awaits the fall rush. With an open bar and booze-inspired desserts, it looks like the new spot for UCR.

Uncle Chuang’s Bakery

Owned and operated by the father of a UCR student, Uncle Chuang’s Bakery provides students with a selection of pastries at affordable prices. Sweet or savory, a morning trip offers the greatest variety — while a trip later in the afternoon often yields discounted prices.

ZiZi Korean Barbecue

ZiZi Korean Barbecue promises to spice up the eating lives of hungry students by bringing something different to University Village. The new eatery hopes to open before the year’s out, giving students something to look forward to as finals approach.

SchoolsFirst Credit Union

In need of cash? Who am I kidding, the answer is most likely yes. Well, if you don’t belong to a major branch, SchoolsFirst is available to those who belong to any major credit union.

Amazon Toner

Printing services are the name of the game at Amazon Toner. In addition to ink cartridges and toner, the store also stocks school and office supplies, as well as providing computer repair services and mailbox rentals.

Angie’s Gift

Do you ever pass those random shops in the mall that have trinkets, makeup and stationary? Angie’s Gift is that place for UCR. If your professor lets you turn in your work on Hello Kitty paper or you just forgot your roommate’s birthday, you’re bound to find it here.

Mad Platter

A treasure trove for music aficionados, the Mad Platter has a smorgasbord of CDs. Discerning students can pick up tracks on vinyl, or trade in their gently used musical goods for cash or store credit. With frequent promotions and an eclectic collection of wares, this independently owned store has a unique niche in Riverside.

University Pride Store

Looks like the campus bookstore and the University Book Exchange got some competition. University Pride Store is something new to the UV, offering books, supplies and UCR pride apparel.

Signature Nails

Why not walk to that pedicure appointment? Pamper yourself as you study or recover from post-traumatic final disorder.

House of Beauty

No need to find your new eyebrow place while you’re in school. House of Beauty Eyebrow Threading is good for that cleanup — or that bet you lost.

Regency Theaters

Grab a slushie and some popcorn — no, not for the movie, but for class. Some lectures will be held in the Regency Theaters. However, if you just decide for the afternoon movie (cheap movies on Sunday) don’t be surprised if you get flashbacks from philosophy before the opening credits.