The University of California (UC) has created a food blog entitled the UC Food Observer. The blog covers news and discussions about various issues and how they relate to food across the world.

Curated by UC Food Observer Rose Hayden-Smith, the blog will focus on food systems and history, covering 22 issues related to food, ranging from business and cooking recipes to politics and climate.

“Food encompasses many disciplines. It’s about climate science, culture, economy, health, law, policy, social science and a multitude of other fields that UC is actively engaged in,” UC President Janet Napolitano said in a press release.

The blog is part of the Global Food Initiative approved by Napolitano and the chancellors last July which aims to find sustainable ways the UC system, state and nation can feed themselves.

While the blog is relatively new, with archives dating back to November, the site already boasts over 125 pages’ worth of content from a variety of sources — from chef and author Mark Trello to Johns Hopkins undergraduate and cooking instructor Emily Hu — with links to other blogs and interviews related to food.

According to Hayden-Smith, the blog simply “Aims to contribute to one of the most important conversations in the world today —  food in the broadest sense, which affects us all.”