Student protester assaulted at police brutality demonstration


About five students protested the killing of unarmed minority youth by police in front of the HUB at 10:30 a.m. this Thursday, while one protester, a political science graduate student who did not wish to be named for personal safety reasons, stood on an American flag. About 30 minutes into the protest, a student approached her and ripped the flag she was standing on from under her feet, causing her to fall to the ground. A scuffle involving the student, a protester and police ensued, ending with the protesters retrieving the flag and the individual being interviewed by police.

Protesters yelled, “It’s the same thing every time, being black is not a crime!” to a small crowd of onlookers composed of both supporters and adversaries.

“We are not out here because we hate anyone,” said the protester. “We are out here because of a deep love for our brothers and sisters who are being gunned down … because the police murder our youth with impunity.”

“If you’re a true patriot, you don’t stand on the flag,” countered an onlooker.

UCPD Chief of Police Mike Lane could not comment on the assault, as he was monitoring the event. The protester says she may press charges.

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