Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Halloween is just around the corner and we are once again visited by classic costumes such as sexy nurse, sexy schoolgirl and even sexy nun. Along with these revealing outfits come criticisms concerning the decency of the costumes. Some believe that Halloween has become too liberal and prefer the more conservative days of orthodox princess apparel. However, I believe that these promiscuous outfits shouldn’t get such a bad rep.

When people say that Halloween has become more liberal they are right, but what they fail to understand is that it has become this way based on the permissive culture that we are now living in. Turn on the TV or radio and you are bombarded with advertisements and songs about sex. It’s only logical that this sensual theme has leaked into our holidays. Furthermore, Halloween is directly associated with debauchery and mischief. As children, it was egging houses and lighting poop bags on fire that allowed us to get in touch with our inner waywardness, yet we outgrew vandalism and now prefer to show a little skin and drink a little more than we usually do.

And why not? This is the time of year for letting loose, for taking on the persona of someone or something else for one night before returning to our normal dreary lives.

By way of contrast, some would say that we are exposing the younger generation to depravity and indecency. To this I say that yes we are, but we are doing no more damage than the constant sexual themes they are exposed to day in and day out. Even in children shows like “SpongeBob Squarepants” there are subtle sensual jokes. Such as when SpongeBob buries himself with only his nose sticking out, Mr. Krabs asks him “Please tell me that’s your nose.” Therefore, one night out of the year isn’t going to permanently alter a child’s perspective more than it already has been.

Although a few of costumes are offensive, such as sexy Native American or sexy geisha. I admit that outfits like these are offensive, yet a few culturally insensitive costumes do not justify getting rid of all the risque attire. Others would argue that people should just naturally dress with more dignity, and some people do. It is the choice of the individual as to what they want wear. We can persecute and criticize all we want, but if someone wants to be a sexy maid for Halloween, I say let them, it is after all their decision. Another argument is that it goes against the tradition of Halloween, yet keep in mind that this pagan holiday began as a way of warding off demons by wearing masks. Halloween no longer has traditions — it has norms, such as trick-or-treating mischief and now sexy costumes.

Scandalous attire isn’t just part of Halloween; it has spread into Christmas as sensual elves and Thanksgiving as a seductive pilgrim. I even saw a provocative Virgin Mary outfit being sold around Easter. However, up to now only Halloween has come under fire for its perverse unwritten law of uninhibited outfits. This is due to the fact that Halloween is a holiday for all ages. Adults throw gatherings,the elderly hand out candy, children collect said candy and us millennials — we indulge in sensuality.

I say let us celebrate one of the most liberating of days as we see fit, it is after all a children’s holiday and even though we are considered adults by the state we still feel like teenagers. So let us be outlandish, let us be rambunctious, let us be sexy. Allow us this night to let ourselves go and lower our inhibitions, because we are on the cusp of adulthood and wish to enjoy this night the way we want to. We have outgrown candy and misdemeanor crimes. I’m sure that in the future we will get tired of wearing tight shirts and fishnet stockings. Yet while we are in our prime, I ask those that are calling for a more conservative Halloween to let us be and keep in mind that we can always go back to egging houses if the destruction of your personal property is what you prefer.