A little lesson on “How to Be Single”

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

“How To Be Single” stars Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson as the hilarious duo who navigate relationships through New York City. While I expected a comedy, more in the style of “Bridesmaids,” I did enjoy the movie. However, I couldn’t help feeling as if it could’ve been much better. There were characters, such as Lucy (Alison Brie), whose story seemed to not fit the overall plot of the movie. The film purposely waits to give you the inspiring message at the end, leaving you wondering, “Was that it?”

The film has a slight indie feel to it while also staying relatively modern, with panoramic shots of New York City and an alt-rock soundtrack featuring artists such as Phoebe Ryan, Peaches and Fil Eisler. The plot, however, seemed to be all over the place as it bounced back and forth between several different characters. At one point, it becomes a movie about partying and hooking up with strangers and the next second it’s about becoming a parent and finding yourself.

There are comedic moments in the film thanks to Wilson, who portrays a character very similar to Fat Amy in “Pitch Perfect.” Also, depending on your sensitivity level, there are moments in this film where you might get a little teary-eyed.
Overall, this is the kind of movie that you would want to watch if you’re planning on having a girl’s night in. “How to Be Single” does have its highs and lows as it takes a different approach to the typical romantic comedy, fitted toward the younger generation. As a lover of these rom-com films, I say, why not give this movie a try? It may surprise you.

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