Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Everyone who watched the original “Zoolander” movie will always remember the “school for ants,” “Dere-lick-my-balls” from the face-off scene and last but certainly not least, the Blue Steel Magnum look that was so beautiful that it froze a flying dagger in place. Because the first movie was so memorable, the main purpose of “Zoolander 2” was to try to be as funny as the first. However, the sequel just did not have the irresistible satire that generated the genius stupidity and wit of the original storyline, and the humor was instead pitifully desperate.

“Zoolander 2” reveals that Zoolander has turned into a bitter social recluse and Hansel into an orgy-crazed desert nomad. Not long after an anti-climactic reunion between the two, the duo embark on Zoolander’s personal mission to rekindle a lost relationship with his son (Cyrus Arnold), which is predictably interrupted by returning antagonist Mugatu (Will Ferrell).

No matter how many hilarious celebrity cameos there were and how many times Justin Bieber was shot in the chest in the opening scene, there was nothing that the producers could have done to save “Zoolander 2” from feeling forced and uncomfortable.
In the original “Zoolander,” Derek possesses the ability to freeze objects by giving the enchanting “Blue Steel” look. In the sequel, Zoolander has difficulty recreating “the look” because of his loss of authenticity and stamina from aging. If the “Blue Steel” look was symbolic of the movie’s performance, Derek would never have been able to save the story with “the look” because the sequel has lost its originality and authentic sense of humor.

Rating: 2/5 Stars