A$AP Ferg strives, but doesn’t prosper

A$AP Ferg, East Coast rapper based out of Harlem and one of the founders of A$AP Mob, recently released “Always Strive And Prosper,” the long-awaited follow up to his debut album. Unfortunately, this album definitely does not live up to the hype, nor the brilliance of his first album “Trap Lord.”

While there are a couple gems on this album, “Always Strive And Prosper” comes across as gimmicky and overall lacks any unity as an album. Tracks like “New Level” and “Let it Bang,” which are bass-heavy bangers fit for a club, feel awkward next to tracks like “Strive” or “Beautiful People,” both of which sound like socially conscious raps or even motivational anthems. While these tracks aren’t bad per se, the combination of these tracks on a single album are confusing and weaken the integrity of the album.

The best track on the album, “New Level” features Atlanta rapper Future and is the lead single off the record. Beginning with sinister violin and cello melodies and heavy drum samples, Ferg’s flow is lethal, rapping, “Bought me a new shovel / put these niggas in the dirt.” Furthermore, “Psycho” is anthemic, with a catchy beat and hook. The production is fun and moves back into that Harlem sound that Ferg helped popularize. The drums are heavy, and there is a jazzy melody that carries the song. However, these tracks are perhaps the only songs not immediately forgettable.

Perhaps the worst moments on this album come in the form of skits. These skits are awful and do nothing but irk my already waning patience with this awful album. They add nothing, are absolutely pointless and often just distract from the album. The only thing that irritated me more than the song “I Love You” with Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign  was the skit that preceded it.
A$AP Ferg, unfortunately, fell prey to the phenomenon known as “Sophomore Slump Syndrome.”

Rating: 1/5 Stars

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