“1984”: A warning, not an instruction manual


There has been a spike in purchases of the George Orwell political dystopian novel, “1984.” Due to the controversy surrounding the president and his executive orders, many believe Trump will bring about the governmental model presented in 1984 and make Big Brother a thing of reality. Let me be clear: Trump will not implement the same, or similar, government mandates as Big Brother. Why? Because he is a member of the Republican Party (GOP) and Big Brother is a representation of communism.

Republicans believe that power should be held by the states and their citizens rather than by the select federal government leaders, like the one-party system in China. Republicans want you to be in control of your own destiny. Big Brother is the exact opposite — INGSOC (English socialism, the form of government in “1984”) is intended to impose absolute government regulation and surveillance of its people. That stands against everything Trump ran for and will lead by.


INGSOC, almost perfectly mirroring China’s communist party, seeks to empower the very few. Trump doesn’t want that, in fact he wants the people of this great nation to flourish by returning free market jobs back and securing their safety from a foreign culture that undermines every liberal democracy.


Now you may say, “Well isn’t President Trump’s ban on citizens from seven Muslim nations traveling to the U.S. an example of federal government power?” Yes. No doubt. But the essence of that ban, intended to ensure the safety of American citizens, was first instituted by Barack Obama. And now that Trump wants to complete what Obama partly paved the way for, people want to lose their collective mind and still continue rioting?

“1984” is a great novel. But it is impossible to compare INGSOC to Republicans because they stand at polar opposites of the political spectrum. It is easier to draw comparisons to the Democratic party with politically correct (PC) culture than it is to the GOP.

PC culture seeks to censor the way we use words in aims of comforting the minority. I am for defending the rights of the minorities but what’s the difference between “cripple” and “physically disabled” or “physically deficient.” There is none. Liberals have always wanted to secure power and dominate culture — dominate the way we speak, the way we live, the way we raise our children. “Don’t say that word, it triggers me.” “Let transgender men into the women’s bathroom!” “How dare you slap your kid on the arm for stealing?”

PC culture and language seek to accomplish the same goal as Big Brother’s “doublethink.” It seeks to accomplish mass conformity by erasing words from the dictionary, words that could incite thought and freedom of expression. Words, although hurtful, have a place and should never be censored from public access.


Please understand that I do not promote hate speech, I implore freedom of speech and having a thick skin to take criticism. People will offend you, so act like adults and let it go. If you disagree with me, please find the exact definition of hate speech, defined by the law not Google. If a man curses the government, does that not mean that he hates the government and that is a hate crime? Hate crimes, and hate speech, are not finite because every crime is done with hateful intent.

Trump is not Big Brother. He’s a liberator of free expression and thought. If you disagree with me, then that’s fine. I implore you to debate. I implore you to take action, politically and peacefully. March up and down the streets, call for reform and demand action, because you have the freedom to do so. If this was really like “1984,” then you could never do that.

Most of you don’t appreciate freedom of expression and thought because you’ve grown up with that luxury, but guess what — most of the world doesn’t. So please buy “1984” (it’s a great book), and learn what the threat of a superstate, where power is solely consolidated in the federal level, really does to people.

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