MOD’s Dominic pizza boasts a laudable combination of white sauce, asiago, fresh chopped basil, red onion, sliced tomatoes and mild sausage.
Name: MOD Pizza
Rating: 4/5
Location: 3444 Arlington Ave., Riverside, CA 92506
Price Range: $
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Friday – Saturday 10:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Category: Artisan style, Build-Your-Own Pizza
Credit/Debit Card: Yes
Takeout: Yes
Delivery: No, but you can order online!
Other amenities:                    Beer and Wine, Accepts Credit Cards, Accepts Apple Pay, Outdoor Seating, Good for Groups and Kids


Located on Arlington Ave., just six miles and 15 minutes from UCR’s campus, MOD Pizza, a nationwide chain along with five stores in the United Kingdom, opened under a year ago. This pizza spot, in an area of seemingly endless choices, stands out with its atmosphere, good food and convenient location.

MOD has an atmosphere that is more than satisfying right when you walk in the door. The employees were incredibly kind and polite, engaging in pleasant small talk with me as they made my pizza — something I can’t seem to find in a lot of places. MOD itself is large and spacious which gives you the feeling of openness. I personally like having space when I eat and MOD accommodates. Something even better for a clean freak like me was the fact that as soon as we got up to leave, someone came by and cleaned the table, doing that for just about every table in the restaurant after a patron left.

I also noticed the variety of people enjoying a meal. MOD isn’t just for trendy college students looking for a low-cost, tasty bite to eat but it appeals to everyone, evident by the family with two small children sitting at the table next to us and young couple from across the tables. Coupled with friendly employees, variety and a smooth atmosphere, it’s not hard to see why MOD appeals to so many.

MOD isn’t just for trendy college students looking for a low-cost, tasty bite to eat but it appeals to everyone.

One can easily notice the variety of options you can include with the delicious templates that greet you in line. What tempted me was the #7 Dillon James, priced at $9.13 and sized just slightly bigger than for one person, which has mozzarella, asiago cheese, fresh chopped basil, garlic, sliced tomatoes and red sauce, an option that seemed healthy but also delicious. I ordered it with extra pepperoni, rosemary, bell pepper, onion, roasted garlic and a pesto glaze. When I first bit into it, it was crunchy and the garlic was definitely something that hit first. The pesto and hint of rosemary followed, resonating a well-rounded, flavorful experience.

With all that said, I would definitely recommend MOD to my friends if we’re looking for a good place during a night out and I would encourage this as a new place to eat! MOD definitely cooks the competition for me.