A trio of students playing with a large inflatable ball at ASPB’s Scotty’s Beach Club event.

On a sweltering Thursday, June 1 afternoon, ASPB hosted the Scotty’s Beach Club event at the SRC pool as an end-of-the-year extravaganza for students who wanted to get their mind off of school as the academic year comes to a close.

The perimeter of the SRC pool was decked out with vendors. Students had the chance to visit ASPB’s apparel table, where they were using a prize wheel to give away the last remnants of Spring Splash gear. ASPB also made sure they covered their bases with the food items available, ensuring that people were properly equipped for a few hours in the blazing sun. A few paces away was a stand for homemade popsicles as well as a station for Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

… everyone needs that release right before finals hit.

People laid in the hammocks and sunbathed as others frolicked in the community pool with their groups of friends. Others laid back in the comfy beach chairs to get relief from the rough weeks ahead. There was even a DJ who played a mix of trap and EDM featuring artists such as Migos and Gucci Mane. Students who weren’t used to coming events like this cherished the range of activities and food choices available. Samantha Chung, third-year communications major, said, “I don’t usually come out to events like this, but I’m glad I did because everyone needs that release right before finals hit.”

End-of-the-year events like this happen often at UCR, but it’s the quality that goes into them that makes them worth the visit. Trey Simmons, second-year sociology major, remarked, “I come out to these events every time but the best part about them is how well they’re organized. ASPB really likes to make students have fun even when the stress piles on.” While moderately sized in attendance, Scotty’s Beach Club was memorable because it demonstrated ASPB’s consideration toward students’ interests when coordinating events; everything from the food options to the music playlists showed a desire to cater to students who just need some calm before the storm.