Discourse – “Sanity Decays”

Courtesy of Closed Casket Activities

South Carolina-based hardcore band, Discourse, released “Sanity Decays” in 2015. Each track’s message can only be delivered through a rawness that consolidates the harsh vocals with powerful drums and momentous guitar. Tracks such as “Bars Surround” and “Time Pries” bring forth the intense introspection with hardcore rhythms to get their messages across. While sonically driven by volatile energy fit for a mosh pit, thematically, “Sanity Decays” is an empty waltz with a mundane life.

It’s vehemently critical of people in positions of power while also taking the same approach with the self, such as on “Nothing Fills the Void,” which highlights the cyclical struggle of establishing personal connections with others.  “Sanity Decays” is definitively not attracting fans outside of the genre, but it fits well as high-energy meditation.