This Wednesday’s ASUCR meeting happened in the backdrop of the annual ASUCR debates being held at the HUB Plaza. Here are some highlights:


  • New judicial general advocate sheds light on handling of elections cases …  Heidi Awada, the new general advocate for the judicial council took to the podium during public forum to introduce herself to the senate. The general advocate serves as “the liaison between the judicial council and the rest of ASUCR,” according to Awada. In her comments, she gave a brief rundown of the recent activity in the judicial council, noting they have discussed the handling of elections cases going forward. “They will go to the elections director and the judicial council will serve as the appellate court and each day of elections, two justices will lock up the ballot box,” said Awada.



  • “Fix the broken chairs, please” … Vice President of External Affairs Jonathan Li used part of his officer report to share information on the upcoming Fund Higher Education press conference being held this Friday, April 27. The conference will feature Assemblymembers Jose Medina and Eloise Reyes and other legislators for a discussion on “how state legislators can urge to provide more funding to the UC and CSU,” according to Li.



  • Adjusting the Students of Color Conference … The UCSA Board of Directors met at UC Merced last week and a key proposal centered around reenvisioning the annual Students of Color Conference (SoCC), according to Li. The proposal looks to adjust the SoCC reenvisioning summit to create a smaller scale group of “about 150 people,” says Li. The adjustments come following controversy surrounding this year’s conference, which was hosted by UCR and shrouded by allegations of anti-blackness.



  • Spring Food Truck Festival is here … ASUCR’s Spring Food Truck Festival will be happening this Thursday, April 26 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the HUB Plaza and Bell Tower, announced Marketing and Promotions Director Connie Wi.

ASUCR will be holding their next senate meeting this Wednesday, April 25 in senate chambers (HUB 221).