On Friday, Jan. 31, The Highlander received a tip from a source who requested anonymity; the source provided an email that stated SB-W20-007: Enacting Chapter XXXIII: Basis for Removal from Office was vetoed by the executive cabinet after a discussion regarding the constitution and the bylaws. The email also said that the executive cabinet moved to veto SB-W20-007 in order to ensure that legislation “reflects the duties, powers and precedence outlined in our (ASUCR’s) governing documents.”

At the ASUCR meeting held on Jan. 29, Orlando Cabalo, senate intern and first-year history major, introduced SB-W20-007. The bill is identical to SB-W20-001: Enacting Chapter XXXIII: Removal and Vacancy Procedures, which was denied at the Jan. 22 ASUCR meeting due to debate over the constitutionality of the bill. This bill would define malfeasance and dereliction of duty in Section 5 and Section 6 of the bylaw. The bill would also further clarify procedures to remove ASUCR officials from office.

Section 5, Item A would define malfeasance as “malicious intent to harm an individual physically, to engage in bribery (whether monetary or otherwise), an intense self-service through one’s elected office, and/or other high crimes/misdemeanors.” Section 6, Item A would define dereliction of duty as any consistent and repeated violation of the job required by all members in ASUCR. At the meeting, after debate, the bill was passed 11-1-2.

The Highlander reached out to President Julian Gonzalez for comment but he did not respond before time of print.

This story is ongoing, The Highlander will provide further updates as the story develops.