Martin Lopez / HIGHLANDER

UCR’s Office of Planning, Design and Construction provided an update on all campus construction projects during the campus closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The projects that are currently under construction include the Pierce Hall renovations, the Student Success Center, Plant Growth Environments Facility, Parking Structure 1, as well as the Dundee Glasgow and North District projects.

In an interview with The Highlander, campus architect Jacqueline Norman stated that all projects are continuing construction as planned and are abiding by rules set forth by the State of California and County of Riverside. Norman stated that each of the projects’ general contractors is enforcing CDC recommendations at their worksites to maintain safe environments for all workers. They are also enforcing social distancing measures to protect the health of workers and UCR essential personnel at their sites. 

“Given the magnitude of the current crisis, it is possible that there may be disruptions to project schedules,” stated Norman. However, the Office of Planning, Design and construction is currently working to understand if the campus closures and restrictions will delay the progress or push back the openings of the projects. Norman made it clear that progress has not stopped and all projects that are currently under construction will continue so long as state and local jurisdictions allow.