The other day, I was sitting in my living room watching “To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” and thought to myself, “Why are none of these characters wearing masks?” when it hit me. The global pandemic has impacted how I view movies, and more specifically, it has made me wonder, how does one do “normal things” such as dating during a pandemic? 

I remember going on dates in crowded malls, eating in packed restaurants and going on simple coffee dates. Looking back, it seems crazy to think of a time where going out without a face mask was normal. At times, it seems like I took life before a global pandemic for granted, and now I find myself asking the question: “How does one date?” Now, for the sake of my future self, and yourself included, here are some date ideas that are cute and fitting for the times. 

Remember movie theatre dates? Movie lovers can instead host an at-home movie theatre date! Pick up some popcorn and your favorite candies (without paying a fortune), wrap yourself around some blankets and start up your Netflix Party with your significant other. Netflix Party allows you to host movie nights and have fun! If you’re self-isolating, it is a great way to have an online movie date with your partner. 

Courtesy of Pexels

Another great date idea that adheres to social distancing regulations is by playing video games with your significant other. A game that is popular at the moment is “Among Us” which is free on mobile devices and $5 on Steam. You and your partner could buddy up for tasks and, using your combined brain cells, deduce who the imposter could be. Or, you could both be the imposter and team up to wreak havoc amongst the crewmates. Whichever way you end up going, you are sure to have a fun gaming date. 

If you and your partner have been tested for COVID-19 and have both received a negative result, it’s possible to have an in-person date that adheres to social distancing regulations. Going on a picnic date is cute and intimate. Pack up some sandwiches and bring your cutest charcuterie board. Maybe even pick up some boba to go along with your picnic and watch the sunset with your partner, just make sure you remain six feet apart from others!

However, if you still want to watch the sunset with your significant other in a different setting, another great idea is to go camping. Joshua Tree is a great national park that lets you see the stars clearly. Seeing the sunset with your significant other and watching the stars is a romantic and intimate experience. With everything going on in the world, being with your partner and seeing the stars is a perfect distraction from the real world and is also a really cute date idea. 

From movie dates, to picnics, playing games and watching sunsets, dating during a global pandemic is definitely doable. All it takes is some creativity and a person you really want to spend time with.