Courtesy of Heres Your Host

On Monday, Feb. 22, the Student Recreation Center (SRC) hosted “Relax With Rec Trivia Night.” Students, faculty and staff were invited to compete for some prizes. There were three $25 Amazon gift cards to give away. The gift cards were awarded to the two players with the most points and another player chosen at random.

The event was hosted on Zoom and was accessible for anyone that pre-registered. It was a small event that boasted a little under twenty people, which helped make the virtual environment feel more relaxing. There was no pressure for attendees to turn on their cameras, but it was encouraged. 

Frances Caron, the assistant director of recreation, introduced the host for the evening, Matt Eickhoff. Eickhoff is a professional trivia host who is best known for “Tuesday Trivia With Matt,” a free weekly game show that he hosts on Zoom. His weekly game show is open to anyone, and people are able to compete with other players from the comfort of their homes.

Contestants were asked to fill out their answers on Google Forms. There was no way to ensure that people were not using the internet to cheat, but everyone was held under the honor system. All forms were manually scored by Eickhoff’s husband. No points were deducted for wrong answers, so guessing was encouraged.

The trivia questions centered around the theme of recreation. During Round 1, contestants were given a list of activities, and they had to decipher which activity would burn more calories. It was surprising to learn that horseback riding essentially burns more calories than golfing. During Round 2, Eickhoff played a series of clips from different songs, and players had to guess the title and artists. Some of the songs he chose were “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People, “Pump It” by The Black Eyed Peas and “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” by Destiny’s Child. During Round 3, players had to sort different sporting equipment from smallest to largest. 

After that round, Eickhoff took a moment to reveal the answers to the first three rounds before moving on to Round 4. In honor of UCR’s tradition to hike up to the letter “C,” Round 4 asked questions related to hiking, and all answers began with the letter “C.”

Round 5 was called “Don’t Skip Leg Day,” and it challenged players to identify animated characters by an image of their legs. Some characters that appeared were Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse and Mike Wazowski.

Overall, the event was fun and interactive. It was a great experience being able to play a simple game with other students, especially as finals approach and downtime decreases. If you’re interested in participating in one of Eickhoff’s trivia games, check out his website. The SRC boasts a variety of programs to help people stay healthy mentally and physically. Keep an eye out for any SRC events that might be coming up.