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Released on May the Fourth, “The Bad Batch” celebrated “Star Wars” Day by introducing fans to a brand new animated series. “The Bad Batch” features Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch, which is a group of five genetically mutated clones with enhanced abilities. They were first introduced in season seven of another “Star Wars” animated series, “The Clone Wars.” Forced into a galaxy that has significantly changed, the Bad Batch must find their way through uncertain times. The show starts off with thrilling action scenes and an unusual, amusing group dynamic. 

The five genetically mutated clones each possess an extraordinary and unique ability that differentiate them from other clones. Hunter is the squad leader and has sensitive readings to the electromagnetic fields from droids. Tech is the intelligent member as he mainly focuses on strategic planning. Wrecker has genetically enhanced strength, mainly using violence and force when facing enemies. Crosshair has enhanced optics, serving as the squad’s scout and sniper. Lastly, Echo was originally a regular clone until he was captured by the opposing side and turned into a cyborg. As was the case in “The Clone Wars,” all of the clones are voiced by the same actor, Dee Bradley Baker.

The show follows the aftermath of the Clone Wars beginning with the execution of Order 66, the order to execute the Jedi Order. This was carried out by the activation of an inhibitor chip inside the clones to follow any orders without any questions or remorse. However, since the Bad Batch are genetically mutated, the inhibitor chip was not activated in all of them, resulting in their disobedience. They become confused at the sudden change from the other clones, causing them to question their allegiance to the newly formed Galactic Empire. The first 10 minutes of the show is jam packed with action and suspense as the audience see Order 66 being carried out from the Bad Batch’s point of view. Later in the episode, Omega (Michelle Ang), a young girl who happens to be another genetically mutated clone, joins the Bad Batch. The rest of the series is set to follow the Bad Batch and Omega as they manage their way through the changing galaxy. 

Alongside the intense action scenes, the audience is able to see the group’s dynamic and how they look out for one another. They all stand out from each other and each provide a unique aspect to the squad. While they are all different in their own ways, their differences bring them together to make a formidable team. Their comedic banters and exciting action scenes give the show a vibrant energy for audiences to enjoy. With the uncertainty of their allegiance in the galaxy, it is sure to test and challenge the group’s dynamic in future episodes as they fight to survive. 

The introduction of a new animated series provides fans of the “Star Wars” universe with another era to follow. Longtime fans are able to get a show that tells the point of view of clones who did not carry out Order 66. It’s a new side of the story that is not only stimulating, but also suspenseful as future episodes unfold.

With the same animation style as “The Clone Wars,” the new series gives fans who grew up with the show a nostalgic feeling of their childhood. “The Clone Wars” was closely followed by its fans who were always hungry for more episodes of the series to be released. Although the show ended in 2020, fans were delighted with the announcements of “The Bad Batch” as it carried on with the storyline after the Clone Wars ended. Fans of “The Clone Wars” may enjoy the new animated series as it has many features and mentions from its predecessor. While fans of “The Clone Wars” may enjoy the new series and its nostalgia, audiences without any previous knowledge of the series can enjoy the new series as well. However, audiences should have basic knowledge about the “Star Wars” universe, such as the existence of the Jedi, the Sith, the Force and the plot lines from the movies in order to fully enjoy the show’s world building.

“The Bad Batch” has an impressive start that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats from start to finish. There is an even balance of action and dialogue, with a mix of suspenseful and exciting moments. With the Bad Batch being thrown into a galaxy that has quickly changed, it leaves audiences eager to find out more about what will happen next in the upcoming episodes airing every Friday on Disney+. 

Verdict: The first episode of the new “Star Wars” animated series, “The Bad Batch,” is thrilling in every way. The show’s wild, but skillful characters and an engaging storyline is sure to shine in future episodes to come.