As we approach the colder months and the weather gets gloomier, you may find yourself looking for activities to do while sheltering from the rain. Here are some activities to keep boredom away on these gloomy, wet winter days. 

Have a spa day 

Whether you go for DIY or decide to splurge on a bougie appointment, a spa day is the perfect way to spend a rainy day. Run a hot bath, and use that lush bath bomb that has been under the sink for two months. Do a moisturizing face mask, and just spend the day pampering yourself. 

Learn a new recipe 

Any food that makes you feel warm and fuzzy is the perfect dreary-day food. It does not matter if your skills parallel that of Gordon Ramsay or if you struggle making cereal; learning a new recipe is a productive way to make the best of a gloomy day. Lean into comfort foods, and maybe try making chili or garlic bread knots. 

Reorganize your life 

Have a drawer that only opens halfway? Try reorganizing your space. Binge-watch Marie Kondo videos and start purging your closet; get rid of that T-shirt you’ve had since the second grade. After spending the day getting rid of every item you own, fill your wardrobe with new clothes that bring you joy.  

Have a movie marathon 

Rainy weather always calls for a day spent in bed cuddling with Netflix and a cup of cocoa. Stream some classic cold-weather movies, binge-watch the whole “Harry Potter” series and spend the night enjoying your favorite movies in bed. 

Learn a new hobby 

Feeling productive? Try taking up that hobby you’ve been meaning to test out. Take an online painting class, learn to cook or take up photography. Take advantage of this rainy day, and do anything you’ve been meaning to try. 

Have a karaoke night 

Almost everyone enjoys belting out their favorite songs in a room with their favorite people. Take advantage of the rain, and spend the day indoors with some friends. Make a charcuterie board, and belt the most iconic throwback songs. 

Solve a giant puzzle

That 1,000 piece puzzle that’s been sitting in your closet for six years: it’s time to start it. Completing a puzzle is so satisfying, and it will take up most of your day. After you conquer the puzzle, buy a puzzle frame and show your accomplishment to the world. 

We will most likely have plenty more rainy days in the coming months, and it is important to spend those cold, gloomy winter days engaging in things that make you happy. Hopefully, this list will help you find a productive and fun way to spend your rainy days.