Hybrid classes can be difficult especially if you are trying to find the balance between work and play. It almost seems like students are caught in a lull, trying to grasp at any sense of normalcy they can. But while school teeters between resuming to in person classes and keeping people socially distanced, these tips will assist in keeping you afloat during these uncertain times. 

Don’t just walk around the house

As cliche as it sounds, walking around the house will not get the juices flowing. It’s important to set aside time in your day to actually get out of the house and take a brisk walk around your neighborhood. The fresh air and vitamin D will reinvigorate your system and get you ready to sit back down and work again. It is scientifically proven that taking small breaks in between work will strengthen your mind and improve your attention span. So, in between lectures, throw on your favorite pair of comfortable shoes and take a walk and enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood. 

Work away from your bed

This suggestion is a no brainer! It has been proven that if you work in the same space that you rest, your sleep would be greatly affected and you might actually feel more lethargic during classes than you would if you didn’t do class in bed or next to it. It is very tempting to wake up five minutes before your class and just sleep while your camera is off, but this will not help you in the long run when classes are in person again! Try to have class at a coffee shop or at the library to have a clear separation between work and rest. Even if your desk is in your room, try to focus on your classes and complete larger assignments in another space in order for your brain to function at its optimal level. 

Listen to mindless music

From Mario Kart music to Lo-fi study beats, mindless instrumentals are the best way to get in the zone. This provides good background noise for studying and creates a comfortable vibe to get work done. Even music set to rain sounds are a good way to add some peaceful vibes and elevate your mood when trying to get classes done. For instance, I actually found that listening to rain music actually made me work faster as it helped me focus on what’s on my screen. When writing long essays, articles or assignments, music has a relaxing effect on the brain. 

Elevate your space

Whether you’re opting to work in the kitchen, living room or library, there are simple yet effective ways to elevate your space and make it comfortable for you to get some work done. If you are at home, having your favorite candle, soft music or an essential oil diffuser silently humming in front of you is perfect for activating your brain and getting you to concentrate. Additionally, even if you are at a public library or coffee shop, having a mini table fan or small iced coffee next to you can also be helpful when it comes to curating the perfect study vibe. If you have a private study room, even bringing a small throw blanket or pillow from home to make you more comfortable is perfect for studying and attending your online classes.

Whether you are happy that classes are hybrid or wishing for things to resume in person, these helpful tips are sure to help you and your studies as we start the winter quarter.