The Chainsmokers make a return with new single, ‘High’

Courtesy of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmoker have always been known as one of the biggest EDM duos, and now fans can rest easy knowing that their newest chapter, “TCS4” has begun. With the release of their latest single, “High,” fans got introduced to a completely new vibe with sounds that have never been associated with The Chainsmokers’ music. With their most notable releases like, “Roses,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer” and “Something Just Like This” fans heard heavily pop-infused music with repeating chords throughout. Looking at their new music, there is most definitely a different vibe present with heavy uses of guitar and drums, which could be a hint that The Chainsmokers are trying to reinvent their sound into a rock-heavy EDM. 

In this single, The Chainsmokers bring back their relatable lyrics, with lines like, “You only say you love me when you’re high,” and “It’s like we go through the same sh—  every night. Oh why?” They have always been able to tell a story through their music, relating to everyday problems like relationships where two people may not know where they stand with each other. Along with very melodical drops, it’s exciting to see The Chainsmokers bringing in a completely different vibe with this song.

With all the time that has passed since their last release, The Chainsmokers definitely made headlines when announcing their latest single by hiring two actors to post over all of their social media feeds. These posts were the first any fans had seen in over two years, and many people were sent into a wild frenzy, with some theories even claiming that The Chainsmokers had a crazy plastic surgery job done. 

This type of buzz is exactly what the group intended for, and once they finally came in front of the camera themselves, they also launched a short film explaining the direction that they would be heading in the future. In this interview, they explained how they needed to find new inspiration, to really sit down and find a sound that didn’t feel like the repetitive motion of releasing hit singles. 

As a fan, it did seem obvious that their music was becoming a repeated cycle of “what was working” and the works they were releasing were beginning to become a bit stale. Drew, the lead vocalist for The Chainsmokers, also explains how they have always felt the pressure to release their music as fast as they make it, and though they do have albums out, this would be the first time they feel like they had the time to sit down and perfect their music.

Verdict: With a new era of Chainsmokers music on the horizon, fans should be excited as it seems like there will be a completely new vibe with the upcoming album. As more singles are surely on the way, fans of The Chainsmokers should be getting amazing music that they have been waiting two years for.


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