This particular guide aims to provide a proper introduction and timeline of the upcoming 2022-2023 ASUCR Elections. We at The Highlander hope that students may utilize this information to understand how the elections process works and be better informed when voting.

What is ASUCR?

The Associated Students of the University of California, Riverside serves to represent the student body as the official student government on campus. 

What positions are candidates running for?

In the Executive Branch of ASUCR, the following positions are open for candidacy:

  • President
  • Executive Vice President
  • Vice President of Finance
  • Vice President of Internal Affairs
  • Vice President of External Affairs

In the Extended Cabinet of the Executive Branch, the following positions are open for candidacy:

  • Marketing and Promotions Director
  • Personnel Director
  • First Time College Student Director
  • Transfer Student Director*
  • Non-Traditional Student Director*
  • International Student Director

Notable Regulations for the Executive Cabinet:

*Requires 3 consecutive quarters of ASUCR experience at time of assuming office

*No exceptions for presidential candidates

*This year, the Transfer and Non-Traditional Director position has separated into two different positions

As part of the Legislative Branch, 18 Senators shall be elected to represent each college:

  • Bourns College of Engineering – 2 Senators
  • College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences – 9 Senators
  • College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences – 5 Senators
  • School of Public Policy – 1 Senator
  • School of Education – 1 Senator

Timeline: The current timeline for this year’s elections is as follows:

Jan. 26 – Feb. 20 – Filing Period for Candidacy. 

Those interested in participating in this year’s elections were required to submit a candidacy application and biography.

The Requirements for Candidacy are:

  • Minimum 2.50 Cumulative GPA, 
  • Full time student (enrolled in 12+ units)
  • Good Standing with their respective college
  • Completion of 2 full quarters at UCR and will have completed 3 quarters at the time of assuming office. 

*The elections director will conduct a background check to verify candidates are in accordance with these requirements.

Feb. 22 – Mar. 4 – Candidates were to attend a series of Mandatory Candidate Workshops to prepare for the elections process

Mar. 28 – Candidates will receive a confirmation of their candidacy verification and eligibility.

Mar. 29 – Apr. 22 – Campaigning Period 

Apr. 18 – Apr. 24 – Voting Week

Candidates may campaign for their positions during this given period of time which concludes at the end of Voting Week. 

A number of notable regulations are in place during for campaigning including:

  • $350 limit for campaign expenses
  • $100 reimbursement for expenses
    • MUST be campaign-related
  • Posters can only be displayed in certain areas
    • Must be approved by ASUCR 
    • 3’ x 5’ in size
    • 1 in HUB, 10 in additional allowable spots
    • Must use BLUE masking/painting tape
    • Anything posted up on a wall is considered a poster
  • Online posts need to be electronically stamped  
    • Done by tagging @asucr_candidates and using the hashtag ASUCRElections2022. 
  • Candidates can only promote themselves
    • No reposts
    • Done in order to discourage the rise of political parties, which lead to unfair disadvantages
  • Endorsements are allowed
    • Encouraged to tag @asucr_candidates and hashtag ASUCRElections2022. 

Apr. 7 – Candidates Convention will be held for Legislative Candidates from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

In place of debates, a convention shall take place between candidates for the Legislative Branch. Prospective senators will meet in the HUB Plaza and candidates can discuss their platform and address students through tabling. Students are encouraged to attend to better understand who the candidates are.

Apr. 14 – Candidates Convention will be held for Executive Candidates from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

A convention shall also take place between candidates for the Executive Branch. Prospective candidates will meet in the HUB Plaza and candidates can discuss their platform and address students through tabling.

Apr. 18 – Apr. 24 – Voting Week

Results will be announced on Apr. 25. More information on how students can participate in the voting process will be provided in the following weeks by the elections committee. Notably, a referendum was passed that states that uncontested candidates must win a simple majority of the total ballots cast.

May 9 – May 13 – Special Elections will be held.

Special elections shall be held in the circumstance that a candidate does not reach the required simple majority in the general election. 

For any further questions or concerns regarding the 2022 ASUCR election, please contact Elections Director Tricia Sarmiento at or visit their instagram page, @asucr_elections