Relationships are hard enough when both partners live in a 5 mile radius, but long distance is a whole new level. For some people it’s a deal breaker, and that’s normal, but there are some people who are all in when the long distance reality begins to arise. With every relationship, there are always going to be struggles and setbacks. One thing that is important especially with long distance is to have open communication. Being honest with your partner is important because without that, then there is no guarantee on the both of you progressing. Being able to speak about your concerns or uncertainty is the key. If down the road one of you feels neglected or, in simpler terms, the long distance is not for you, communicating that will save both of you time and stress in the long run. Let’s be honest, we all have lives and days where it’s hard to talk normally. Having a healthy balance is really what makes or breaks a relationship that already is feeling the tension from being miles apart. Now, with all the seriousness out of the way, there are some ways to help your long distance relationship. 

Mail love letters 

There’s nothing more romantic than writing out a love note and sending it to your partner. Having the personal touch of thought in an age where people are used to the small digital texts. Pick a day of the week, and just write down what anything and everything; the gesture alone will be enough. The small act can be a monthly ritual and is something your partner will look forward to every month. 

Zoom movie night 

Ever since COVID, there are now a wide variety of different streaming networks that allow both parties to view the same content from one screen. It’s the second best thing to going out for movie night. Make it a night by ordering in food and dressing up or keep it lowkey and just have your favorite snacks. Have a weekly show you both can watch together, and make this a weekly thing or watch the latest movies here and there. The notion itself is what is important. 

Care Packages

During the times where the long weeks are becoming too much, sometimes sending a care package can make all the difference. Filling a box with their favorite snacks or interest can make the difference during that time apart because honestly, long distance can be a little lonely, and receiving a care package can just show that they’re on your mind. It’s the little things that are going to make all the difference.