UC Riverside has set a new record for freshman applications

The number of applications this year are the highest they’ve been in the UC’s 154 year history.

The University of California, Riverside has announced that a new record has been posted for freshman applicants for the upcoming fall 2022 quarter. A grand total of 54,365 applications were received by Nov. 30, the UCR freshman application deadline, representing an increase over the previous records of 49,252 for fall 2020 and 52,563 for fall 2021.

Socioeconomic diversity continues to be a focal point of these applications, and this year alone, the pool of applicants is more diverse than previous years. Of those who applied, 49% identified as Latino, Black, American Indian or Pacific Islander, while 38% of applicants were Asian and 11% were white. UC-wide, the proportion of freshman and transfer applicants from low-income families grew to 46% and 56% respectively for this application period.

Other UCs have experienced a similar climb in admissions as well, with the UC achieving the highest number of applications systemwide in its 154 year history with 249,855 applications received by at least one UC campus. With the consistent increases in applicants over the past few years, admission rates are unfortunately declining, especially with the current housing crises and other factors limiting the amount of students who can be admitted. 

President Michael V. Drake commented on the increase in enrollment across all UCs, stating, “The University of California remains an institution of choice for so many hardworking prospective undergraduates. This diverse group of students has shown their commitment to pursuing higher education and we are thrilled they want to join us at UC.”

However, despite the increase in freshman applicants, the number of transfer applicants has overall decreased. Systemwide, transfer applications decreased 12.6% from the last application period. Much of this can be attributed to the drop in community college enrollment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly affected the number of students applying to transfer to UC from CCCs for fall 2022. 

Han Mi Yoon-Wu, executive director of Undergraduate Admissions at UC, cited this issue of transfer applicants and hopes to alleviate concerns stating that, “UC is aware of the decrease in transfer applications and California Community College students across the system and is working to ensure that this critical group is supported in their efforts to apply at our campuses. We are committed to having a strong and diverse pipeline of students.”

Freshman applicants should have already received their admissions decisions on their MyUCR student portals by the middle of March while transfer students will be notified in the beginning of April. We at The Highlander wish the best of luck to applicants and hope that those admitted to our university can find their place and pursue their passions on our campus.

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