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Sharp – Archive / The Highlander

This past Monday, the Student Homelessness Aid Relief Project, also known as SHARP, partnered with 909DT to host their first in-person meeting of the quarter. 

SHARP, established in 2003, has been actively helping the community by providing meals, clothing and hygiene kits to the Riverside homeless population. SHARP encourages students to take initiative and get involved in the Riverside community, doing R’Part to create a better and brighter tomorrow. 

Second-year English major, Sofia Luis-Brown, SHARP’s Director of Internal Affairs, stated that she joined SHARP because she “wanted to find ways to be more involved on campus and make more friends.” She went on to explain, “SHARP seemed like a really good fit for me, and I love the work they do for the Riverside community. Since I am a second-year, last year because of COVID and everything being online, I was not able to get super involved in campus organizations, so I decided to go to SHARP meetings and even snagged a spot on the board.”

SHARP hosts bi-weekly meetings on Monday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in the Student Success Center multipurpose room. At these meetings, students package and distribute peanut butter sandwiches, sack lunches, dog food, hygiene kits and any other supplies that the homeless may need. In addition, SHARP often collaborates with both on and off campus organizations to participate in food drives, soup kitchens and any other community service projects. 

For more information on SHARP and their upcoming projects and events follow @sharpUCR on Instagram where they will be posting future meeting dates and aid projects. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email the club at