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With Marvel in Phase Four of its cinematic universe, they have been introducing new characters based on the Marvel Comics. At the D23 convention in 2019, it was announced that a series based on “Moon Knight” would be released on the Disney+ streaming platform. “Moon Knight” premiered on March 30 and is set to release every Wednesday until its final sixth episode. 

The show features a kind-hearted British man, Steven Grant (Oscar Issac), as he struggles with a sleeping disorder and random distorted memories. One day, he wakes up in a mysterious location and blacks out several times, only to find himself with bloodied hands. He soon discovers that he has dissociative identity disorder. One of his identities, an American mercenary named Marc Spectator, also happens to serve as an avatar for an Egyptian god. 

Issac’s acting truly shines in this miniseries as he effectively portrays two very different personalities. Issac has gotten praise for acting he has done in showing the difference between Marc and Steven through his facial expressions. Between Steven’s kinder and sometimes timid expressions and Marc’s hard, tough look, Issac is exceptional in showing both. The audience is able to get a better experience out of watching the show through Issac’s acting.

The plotline of the show is one of the main highlights. With every scene that is jam-packed with mystery, suspense and action, the audience is kept at the edge of their seats. In the first episode, there is the mystery of what is going on with Steven and his random blackouts. While the mysteries are revealed as the show continues on, there are still more questions that the audience can ask. There is so much to absorb in each episode, which is what has kept the audience interested and anxious for the next episode. 

In films and shows, a main component is the visual cinematography to attain a visually appealing look. “Moon Knight” excels in this factor, giving beautiful shots throughout the show. A constant shot that has been shown throughout the show so far is the use of mirrors and reflections. It’s an excellent shot showcasing the differing identities of Steven and Marc. It reminds the audience of the other identity, demonstrating how they are still present despite not having control of the body. The clever use of reflections represents the struggle between Steven and Marc and each one trying to triumph over the other. An interesting aspect about some of the reflections is how they are not as clear or are clouded, showing Steven’s  internal conflict. 

As opposed to the past Marvel shows, “Moon Knight” takes on a darker tone. It portrays a more psychological horror than its typical superhero shows and films. This helps to build the mystery behind the double life Marc has been living that Steven is unaware of. Additionally, dealing with more violent action scenes and serious topics such as DID and sleeping disorders gives the show a darker tone. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe moves along with Phase Four, they are trying to switch and appeal to a more mature audience. 

The soundtrack for the show heightens the show and its themes. Songs such as “A Man Without Love” and “Day ‘N’ Nite” are brilliant song choices to match the show’s plot. Weaved throughout the show, the songs can pass over the audience’s heads. However, by listening to the lyrics and how it connects to the story, they demonstrate how ideal the song choices are. 

While the first two episodes focus on exposition and introducing the plot and characters, it sets up what audiences will be looking forward to in the future episode. The third episode sees the show and its characters rushing to Egypt on a hunt for another Egyptian god. It sheds light on the Egyptian gods and the supernatural world. 

With introducing a new superhero, fans look at the suit, fighting style and backstory. None of these factors disappoint as each shines in the show. Marc’s white suit is representative of mummy wraps with a hooded mask, moon-shaped cape, moon assets and glowing eyes. However, Steven’s version of the suit is similar to the hood mask, but in a more formal attire. This is representative of the differing styles between the two. The fighting style is intense and violent, showing how ruthless Marc’s Moon Knight can be.

Verdict: “Moon Knight” is a thrilling show with plenty of aspects that highlight the overall viewing experience. Issac does a wonderful job in portraying the white knight, as well as two vastly different personalities.