Courtesy of Sam Smith via Capitol Records

Smooth vocals and transcending tunes have always characterized Sam Smith’s music. Their latest and first released single of 2022 titled “Love Me More” is yet another work of art that leaves a positive message to listeners. 

“Love Me More” first premiered on YouTube. The opening switches between clips of a young Sam Smith and as an adult whose music career was beginning to bloom. Their notable somber expression welcomes fans to a black and white video of Smith lounging comfortably in a vast apartment while their telephone machine goes off. The first lines are later sung by Smith as they venture down the streets of what looks to be a serene New York environment: “Have you ever felt like being somebody else? / Feeling like the mirror isn’t good for your health? / Every day I’m tryin’ not to hate myself.” 

Aside from the rhythmic and uplifting tone, Smith emphasizes the struggle of self-acceptance and learning to love the person that you are. The relevancy of their words can hit close to home for many people who have battled against self-esteem problems, and it marks a lesson to listeners that everyone around us has undergone the same struggles that we have experienced ourselves. 

“Every day I’m trying not to hate myself / But lately it’s not hurting like it did before / Maybe I am learning how to love me more” are sung as people are seen writing words like “health” and “love” on a transparent frame. The words themselves echo a reminder to fans of how we should cherish ourselves with love in healthy mindsets. 

The video cuts to scenes where Smith is enjoying themself in an atmosphere filled with joy and friendships. Either dancing on their own or dancing with friends in a nightclub, Smith exudes the freedom of self-love and discovery that they want audiences to feel. Though their journey appears easy in the video, Smith acknowledges how self-hatred can be an intoxicating thing to human bodies in “Love Me More.” 

In Sam Smith fashion, “Love Me More” contains gospel and R&B vibes that will still have you tapping your feet along to the soft beat. Their soulful and light voice is a notable aspect in past works that have held light-hearted and meaningful messages for fans. Their new single reflects those themes, and it continues Smith’s legacy of memorable tunes. 

Verdict: “Love Me More” serves as a reminder that everyone should love themselves in their skin. Its positive message will lighten the moods of listeners everywhere while also remaining stuck in their heads for months to come.