Guide to UCR - Leo Yue / The Highlander
Guide to UCR – Leo Yue / The Highlander

Living on campus, it can be really easy for the lines between school and home to become blurred. It is important to get away from campus from time to time and explore Riverside. Here are a few suggestions for your next off-campus excursion, immersing yourself in the local culture. 

The Game Lab and The Food Lab 

Located in the heart of Downtown Riverside in the Fox Entertainment Plaza, the game lab is a great place to spend the day with friends. The game lab offers a traditional arcade experience with the combination of a full-service bar, pinball machines, VR stations, basketball, air hockey and over 80 video arcades. After a full day of gaming, head next door to the food lab to experience a food court-style dining experience. 

Explore Downtown + Mission Inn Museum 

Looking to have an explore day, head over to the historic streets of Downtown Riverside, and maybe stop by the Mission Inn Museum. Located at the corner of Main Street and Mission Inn Ave, the Mission Inn Museum holds a collection of historically significant pieces to the development of the Mission Inn. Walking tours last around 60 min and can be booked online. 

Mount Rubidoux Trail 

This 3.2 mile loop is the perfect way to start any day. Mount Rubidoux trail is considered a beginners and easy hiking route that takes on average about 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. The trail is open year round and is pet, hiker, biker and bird-watcher friendly. 

Van Buren Drive-in Theater 

For anyone with access to a car, the Van Buren Drive-in movie theater is the perfect way to spend any evening. Open every day, ticket prices are $10 per adult and $1 per kid ages 5-9. 

Antique Stores

Downtown Riverside is host to many antique shops. Spend the day walking around the city and looking through the plethora of beautiful antique items up for sale. 

World’s Largest Paper Cup 

Riverside is home to the world’s largest paper cup, an extremely famous roadside attraction. The cup is around 68 ft tall and can be found at 800 Iowa ave. 

Make sure to spread your wings and venture outside campus. Riverside is a wonderful city. Happy exploring adventure awaits!