Dating in college can be fun but expensive. Finding a place to eat and finding an activity to do can add up, especially when you’re trying to save money. But have no fear! These cute dates are the perfect opportunity to get to know your partner without hurting your wallet. 

Picnic at the Park

Pack some light snacks and triangle sandwiches, bring a big sheet and some of your favorite drinks. The weather is perfect right now for a peaceful picnic at a park under the trees. Make sure to bring a speaker for some music to set the mood. Your partner will appreciate you packing all of the food and you can spend some quality time together and be one with nature. 

Hike the C

If you and your partner are into fitness, hiking the C is not only a UCR tradition, but something fun that you could do together! Bring some snacks on the go and walk up there in the early morning to catch the sunrise. Looking out at the horizon with your partner will surely get the sparks flying.

Trader Joe’s Dinner

Play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to pick the drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert. Not only will this be a fun way to walk around the store with your partner, but the inexpensive food will also satisfy your every craving. Once you’ve picked all of your items, you and your significant other can bond over cooking the meals you’ve selected. 

Doughnuts and the beach

For those who don’t mind the drive, going to the beach at night is always a romantic thing to do. Bring a sheet and drive down to Newport Beach where you can walk to Seaside Doughnuts and look at all of the pretty houses along the water. Once you’ve gotten your doughnuts, sit on the beach and gaze at the horizon and maybe it will lead to a kiss under the stars. Don’t forget to bring a jacket!