Spring quarter is almost over and many of us are already thinking about summer. With summer comes a lot of heat but also a time to have fun when we aren’t too busy stressing over school. It’s important to have time to relax and take care of yourself and summer is the perfect time to start. Some of these recommended activities can be done alone, with friends or family. Although some of us already have plans for the summer, here are 10 essentials to add to your summertime bucket list!

Go on a walk

Go on a 30-minute walk wherever you want and enjoy the scenery around you. A fun way to spice it up is to ask Siri left or right at the end of every block. See where it leads you and maybe discover something new.


When the days aren’t scorching hot, a picnic is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You can visit the beach to hear the waves splashing or watch the sunset on top of a cliff.  Setting up a picnic can allow you to enjoy good food while having a good time in a different environment.


You can spice up your social media posts by taking some inspirational photos from Pinterest and having a photoshoot with either your friends, family, or even on your own.

Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is extremely relaxing and rewarding. Not only is it an easy task to walk around a farm and pick the fruits you love, you also get the extra enjoyment of eating them after. My personal favorite is strawberry picking, especially being rewarded by their sweet taste. 

Fort Building

Satisfy your inner child! Building a fort is extremely fun as an adult when you can use even more supplies available in your house. You can use a fort for many activities, such as watching a movie in your new safe space or hanging some lights and taking cute pictures.

Art Activities

Another way to have fun can be through various art activities. No one has to be good at painting or drawing to enjoy the calming activity. Art activities can be enjoyed through chalk, drawing supplies or even paint. A twist around using paint can be using your legs as a new canvas. Leg painting is a great way to express your artwork on your own body and take some great pictures after for memories.

Escape Room

How about solving some fun puzzles? Escape rooms are a fun activity to bond with others to put all your brainpower together to escape a mysterious room. These rooms can vary in the level of difficulty depending on the location and levels chosen. 

Game Night

Have fun with a classic activity. Game night can consist of either video games or classic board games. Games are great ways to have fun with a little bit of competition involved. 

Drive-In Movie

Spice up movie night by going to a drive-in movie theater. Get old school feels and in the comfort of your own trunk you can enjoy a movie in a new way. There is quite a good selection of movies that are coming out in the upcoming summer. For Marvel-loving fans, there is a new Thor movie or even a new Minions movie to get a good laugh.

Rage Room

A rage room is somewhere you can intentionally break and destroy things without making a mess in your own home. In a rage room, people can bring in their own things or buy things to break to get rid of their anger. Maybe your final grade from the spring quarter wasn’t what you hoped for. Try to release the anger through the rage room and bond with those around you.