As college students, the need for quick easy meals is a must, but finding quick and tasty recipes is sometimes challenging. Having limited ingredients that are both ready-to-use and fresh, is especially important for upcoming finals week. Students can have a hard time pulling themselves away from studying for hours at a time. However, one reliable market is none other than Trader Joe’s, where even their quick frozen meals are sure to be tasty. But if you’re tired of frozen reheats, here’s an easy recipe that will be a new favorite. The best part is that all the ingredients are still sourced from Trader Joes so you know it’s going to be amazing! 

IngredientsServings: 2

Start to finish: 15 Minutes 

Trader Joe’s artisan ciabatta bread 

Traders Joe’s pesto 

Trader Joe’s fresh mozzarella cheese

Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze 

Grab one of the artisan rolls and cut them in half. Add a spoonful of pesto and spread evenly on both sides. Then, grab some fresh mozzarella and layer on top of the pesto (If you’re a fan of rosemary, feel free to sprinkle some dried rosemary onto each slice).

Place your sliced bread in an air fryer and leave for 6 min. Once the cheese is melted, remove from the air fryer. Lastly, drizzle balsamic vinegar over your bread slices and enjoy!