Here’s 21 things I wish someone would’ve told me before I turned 21:

    1. Nothing last forever
    2. Loneliness is a companion  
    3. Some thoughts are better left unsaid
    4. Don’t be afraid to change  
    5. Those bad memories will fade 
    6. You don’t owe anybody anything 
    7. Some goodbyes will be harder than others 
    8. It all doesn’t have to make sense right now
    9. Embrace heartbreak 
    10. Not everything is a life lesson 
    11. Don’t overthink yourself to death 
    12. Some people don’t deserve apologies
    13. Some people don’t deserve you 
    14. Love is a concept 
    15. Love is transparent 
    16. You don’t need another person to complete you 
    17. You don’t need another person to save you 
    18. Let go of the past 
    19. Let go of those expectations
    20. You are enough 
    21. Nothing last forever, embrace it