Features_Essentials_Courtesy of Pexels
Features_Essentials_Courtesy of Pexels

As a first year at UC Riverside this year, I’ve had to find my way around the long, daunting list of recommended items for my dorm. As we get deeper into the quarter, some of the items on the list are becoming more and more important to my daily routine. 

A hydroflask 

Any water bottle works, especially in this Riverside heat. I moved from Orange County and am still getting used to the high temperatures this October. I walk to class, and doing so in the hot weather makes it very easy to get dehydrated. Make sure to pack a water bottle with you to avoid that! 

Shower shoes 

With the dorm bathrooms being over 20 years old, shower shoes are a must. By wearing shower shoes, you prevent yourself from coming in contact with the bacteria and germs that have built up over time. 

A calendar 

Whether it be a planner, bullet journal, white board or your phone, a calendar is an important way to keep up to date with assignments. I like to keep my classes organized by color so I can clearly see what’s due when. I also like inputting my assignments at the beginning of the week so I can see what I need to get done. 

Command strips 

There’s so much wall space but sometimes there isn’t enough space in your closet for the little things. So far, I use them to hang my towel and tote bag but they’re extremely versatile and I’ll most likely be adding more around my room.


Classes are long, especially when you’re hungry. I like to pack snacks to make sure that I can focus on the class’s material instead of how slow the clock is ticking. As of now, my snack drawer includes Cheez-Its, Cliff bars, Nature Valley granola bars and cheese.