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With fall quarter barely starting, it’s sometimes easy to forget how overwhelming classes can be. Coming back from summer, it’s hard to find a balance for not just class schedules, but for all the everyday crazy demands college throws. That’s why it’s always good to remember about self care and to just take a moment for yourself away from all the stress. These 5 relaxing tips will hopefully have you focusing more on you. 

Sleep is important 

Having a good sleep schedule is vital for the start of a new quarter. Sleep can have a huge effect on you emotionally and physically. Try staying away from caffeine and sugar if possible before bed, because these can have lasting negative effects on a good night’s rest. 

Exercise daily 

Exercise is good for helping you mentally and physically. Known for being a mood booster, it can also reduce stress. Going to the gym might be hard to do everyday, so try other forms of exercise like walking or yoga. Overall, just find a routine that works for you. 

Features_SelfCare_Courtesy of Pexels

Say no to friends, and focus on you 

It’s always hard to say no when it comes to making plans with friends but never feel obligated to hang out everyday or weekend. Saying yes to plans with friends can lead to stress, anxiety and burn outs. Make sure to know when you need time for yourself to reset. Staying in every once in a while can make all the difference. 

Change of scenery 

If you feel like you’ve focused on one assignment or midterm too long, take a break and go for a quick boba run! Anything really to change up your scenery that has you going somewhere new for the day. Staying at the same location for long periods of time can be overwhelming and cause irritability and stress. 

Get Organized 

With so many classes, it’s easy to have everything get unorganized and chaotic. By having an organized system, it’ll allow you to focus on one less thing. Have all your assignment due dates written down and study sessions written out in advance. That way you know what times are dedicated for class and which times you have free. It’s one less thing to worry about and will make all the difference.