The person thinking of you the most this week is someone you have been focusing on equally. You have similar energy and feel a strong connection. Their interest is obvious and you didn’t need this horoscope to tell you that. You’re lucky to have found feelings that go both ways. 


Someone who has an energetic influence on you is focused on you deeply. Think of the person who brings out your fun and carefree side. They have an aura of lightness and always leave you feeling more positive.


There’s someone just out of your reach who spends a lot of time wondering about you. This won’t be someone you know well or spend a lot of time with, but someone on the peripheral. Think about your coworkers or peers who pop up at seemingly far between and random moments.


Someone is worried about you, Cancer. Their mind is filled with questions about you and all that you’re going through. They will make their thoughts known directly to you, eliminating the mystery. Look at close friends who seem to be hovering and sticking close by.


A friend close to you is feeling strong admiration for you this week and they wonder if their feelings of friendship might mean something more. Your nature and the effect you have on them is strong and they may begin to seek a stronger connection. Take a good look at the friends who seem to be looking for more reasons to spend time with you.

Features_ThinkingHoroscope2_Courtesy of Pexels
Features_ThinkingHoroscope2_Courtesy of Pexels


Think of the person in your life who seems to hold their tongue around you and tries to tamp down their natural personality. They spend a lot of time wondering if they’re annoying you and try to remain unseen because of it. This person is hoping you’ll notice them anyway because they definitely notice you.


This person is feeling discouraged at your inattention to them and is considering taking a step back instead of being patient. They spend a lot of time debating your feelings for them while you are still wary of trusting them. Remember the person in your life whose relationship history is a little shady and who struggled with commitment? It’s them.


Someone in your life is incredibly vocal about their feelings for you to everyone but you. They’re feeling the pressure to act on their feelings from mutual friends but you are in the dark. Look at how your friends act and who they push you towards to discover who has you on the brain.


A figure from your past has you on their mind this week. An ex of yours is considering contacting you this week because they feel conflicted about the disconnect between you and are feeling rejected in other parts of their life. They want to look to you for emotional support that you don’t owe them.

Features_ThinkingHoroscope_Courtesy of Pexels
Features_ThinkingHoroscope_Courtesy of Pexels


The one thinking of you lingers and plays it cool and it’s making you feel like you’re stuck in limbo. They mask their interest well and it’s driving you crazy. Think of the person that seems a little too chill and even a little detached.


Someone is thinking of you this week, but it’s not someone you have positive feelings towards. You think of this person as a player type and as someone who flits from person to person. This isn’t someone you feel you can be honest with your friends about. Their attention feels good, but it comes with the added question of how genuine it is. 


This person has absolutely no chill and has been incredibly clear about their feelings toward you. Every interaction with them feels tense and they keep on pushing. This doesn’t mean that you have to give in, but you should be equally as clear, whatever your feelings are.