Last spring, I was clueless to the fact that one of my friends developed a crush on me (and that I was crushing back). Here’s a quick quiz to help you figure it out quicker than I did.

1) When they call you while you’re doing nothing, do you:

  • Immediately pick up the phone and chat for hours.
  • Pick up the phone, talk for a minute, and then hang up.
  • Text them asking why they called.
  • Pretend like it never happened.

2) If you were to crash on their couch overnight, would they:

  • Wake you up with the smell of fresh-baked pastries.
  • Give you a blanket and pillow.
  • Tell you where the bathroom is.
  • Watch you while you sleep.

3) You watch a movie on your couch with this person. Do you:

  • Cuddle and have a popcorn fight.
  • Keep scooting away from them on the couch.
  • Critically analyze the movie afterwards.
  • Fall asleep.

4) It’s this person’s birthday. Do you:

  • Make them cookies from scratch.
  • Buy them a card.
  • Text them happy birthday.
  • Forget about it entirely.

5) If this person bought you matching build-a-bears, would you

  • Think it’s adorable and put it on your bed.
  • Graciously accept the gift and shove it into the back of your closet.
  • Ask if they kept the receipt.
  • Rip the bear to shreds.

If you answered mostly A: You guys are basically already dating at this point. Please ask this person out because you are definitely already in love with each other.

If you answered mostly B: They like you, but do you like them? They’ve probably fallen for you, but do you get butterflies around them?

If you answered mostly C: You’re probably just friends, but that’s okay! The more friends the merrier.

If you answered mostly D: This person is definitely showing signs that are red flags.