Feat_WinterQuarter2_Courtesy of Pexels
Feat_WinterQuarter2_Courtesy of Pexels

Now that it’s the new year, many of us come back to campus expecting new opportunities and adventures. However, if you’re new to college, Winter quarter is known to be a “dead quarter” as not many events happen around campus like Fall and Spring quarter. With the weather constantly being gloomy, events on campus happening once in a blue moon and students constantly getting sick, it’s hard not to develop seasonal depression. Here are a few tips you can use in order to survive this long and dreadful ten-week quarter. 

Go on a boba run

Even though there may be more rain and thunderstorms during Winter quarter, try going out a bit with your friends. It can be hard not staying home all day but there are plenty of boba shops around Riverside that students can visit to stay dry from the rain! Some of the closest ones to campus are 7Leaves, Ding Tea, Boba Tea House, Boba Fiend, Ten Ren, Tim Boba and Cha2o. All of these places also close late so don’t be shy, grab a study buddy and go on a boba run with them!  

Set weekly goals

With the weather constantly being cloudy, it’s hard not to sleep in. However, don’t let the weather discourage you from owning the day! Take a few minutes of your weekend to create weekly academic or personal goals for yourself. This can help encourage you to take initiative to complete your assignments early or on-time, attend in-person or online classes or take an extra shift or two at work. 

Feat_WinterQuarter1_Grace Sun / The Highlander
Feat_WinterQuarter1_Grace Sun / The Highlander

Plan study dates

It’s important to keep up with your academics, especially if you know that you don’t do well on exams without studying. Gather some of your classmates or study buddies and schedule a time for you guys to have study dates or to catch up on homework! Some of the popular locations on-campus that students like to study at are Starbucks at Market at Glen Mor, Coffee Bean, the Student Success Center and the on-campus libraries. Some off-campus locations that you can have your study dates are Condron Coffee, Arcade Coffee Roaster, Cha2o and Tim Boba. 

Check up on your friends

Seasonal depression is real — especially with the gloomy weather. Try checking up on your friends when you get the chance. Taking 30 seconds of your day to send a “Hey, how are you?” text can make a difference! You may even make someone’s day a lot better than it was. 

Utilize the SRC

Take the time to look at the SRC website to view all the different activities the SRC constantly hosts. The SRC isn’t just a place for lifting weights and running the treadmill. There are constant events happening that many students do not know about! The SRC holds different activities, such as yoga, soul cycling, dance, cooking, etc. Take advantage of these activities since every student attending UCR has a free membership! Visit the SRC website for more information at https://recreation.ucr.edu.