With the New Year, it is only natural to improve your life. Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, but the problem with making resolutions is nobody ever keeps them. In January, you’re going strong driven by newfound inspiration, but as the year progresses, the motivation dies down. By December, you find yourself right back where you started writing the same resolutions down for the fifth year in a row. Here are a few tips for maintaining your New Years’ resolutions and implementing them in the long-term:

Feat_Resolutions2_Courtesy of Pexels
Feat_Resolutions2_Courtesy of Pexels


New Year is a day just like any other day, and people believe the moment the clock strikes midnight and the New Year begins, they will instantly become a new person. It is essential to be realistic with your resolutions; without realism, there is no chance for success. When creating resolutions, you need to consider how you currently live. It is simply unrealistic to wake up one morning and become a changed person. 

Focus on one resolution at a time

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by a neverending list of lifestyle changes you want to implement, so instead of making New Years Resolutions, try focusing on a singular resolution. Pick one thing you want to change this year, and spend your time and energy devoted to that resolution. At the end of the year, you will find a successfully implemented permanent change in your life. 

Set small goals

Resolutions are huge long-term goals making it super easy to feel as if your not making any progress toward bettering yourself. Break up your resolution into smaller, achievable goals. If your goal for this year is to implement a new habit into your daily routine, start with once a week, then three times a week, then every other day until you successfully integrate said habit into your life. 

Have empathy for yourself  

You are your own harshest critic, and it is important to treat yourself with the same empathy and compassion you offer to others. A slip-up on your resolution is only a failure if you choose to give up on yourself. You have not failed until you stop trying; rather than spending precious time belittling the progress you have made thus far, get back on to the New Years resolution horse and continue your journey to a better tomorrow.