The team at Vain led by Austin Laniyi worked tirelessly throughout the summer to organize their fashion show. Their hard work is clearly visible as the runway show feels like an upscale event that came straight out of New York Fashion Week. The room was packed with every seat being occupied by an eager UCR student or a Southern California native. The audience were enthralled with each piece that graced the catwalk.

The runaway show offered a diverse array of clothing. Three independent brands were able to present ten pieces each that were worn by various models. 90s and Y2K style were prevalent in the line of 51mg. The Los Angeles based company run by the style guru known as WAWA. 51mg has been running for over a year now. Each piece has a custom airbrush design done by hand without using the security of stencils. The freehand technique grants each piece with a rugged flare. WAWA’s original iconography elevates the clothing by giving it other worldly properties. Fortunately, 51mg has an online store that features authentic airbrush designs.

Hysteric Libra showcased an impressive line of women’s clothing. The intricate pieces were handmade by designer Tanisha in the heart of California. Each garment has come from a thrift store because sustainability strengthens the future of fashion. Tanisha injects new life into her thrifted pieces as she approaches her work like an artist. This approach plants the seeds of innovation within the recycled attire. The audience at the show gravitated towards the denim set, pink corset and peach lace set. These outfits distinctively stood out as they represented a work of art and hard work. Hysteric Libra’s website offers everything from skirts to corset tops. The website just launched a new line of eleven products that have been selling out ever since the runway show. Follow this link to support Tanisha’s art:

FOULMANNERED returned to the UCR catwalk with an offering of Frankenstein designer pieces. The garments come from high end designer brands that are based in Japan. The creative process of FOULMANNERED is spearheaded by Lorenzo González who operates the company within the Inland Empire. His website has an online store that sells Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier and Tornado Mart. Not to mention there’s a handful of rare vintage tops that range from the 1980s to early 2000s. Both forms of clothing are listed at an affordable price on the website. FOULMANNERED makes high quality clothing brands easily accessible to the youth.

The fashion show ended with numerous UCR students walking the runway donning their own outfits that spotlighted their personal style. The audience was able to see a wide array of fashion choices. With some wearing all black while others wore an arrangement of bright colors that made them pop. At the very end, every model and designer came back to walk the runway. The final walk assured everyone that fashion has reached a level in evolution which invites new ideas that challenges the thinking of the observer.