“Friends” is a popular TV show and what makes it more iconic are its famous Thanksgiving episodes. Here is a ranking of the ten fan-favorite Thanksgiving specials, along with one of their famous one-liners!

10. “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” – Season 7, Episode 8
Phoebe sneaks a dog into the apartment, leading to Chandler getting nervous before falsely declaring that he is allergic. Meanwhile, Rachel tries to get together with her assistant, Tag, while Ross tries to name the 50 U.S. states for a game. This episode presents Rachel’s desperate advances towards her assistant Tag, leading to one of Joey Tribianni’s most iconic lines.
“[about Rachel’s assistant, Tag] If he doesn’t like you, then this is all just a moo point.”
Joey Tribianni

9. “The One With The List” – Season 2, Episode 8
After kissing Rachel, Ross makes a list with Joey and Chandler to decide whether or not to pursue a relationship with Rachel or to stay with his current girlfriend, Julie. After finding the list, Rachel is hurt and decides that she cannot continue her relationship with Ross. This episode introduces the possibility of Ross and Rachel’s long-awaited relationship and the tension builds up because of the lengthy letter keeps viewers on their toes.
“Oh, I know, this must be so hard. ‘Oh no, two women love me. They’re both gorgeous and sexy. My wallet’s too small for my fifties and my diamond shoes are too tight’!”
Chandler Bing

8. “The One Where The Underdog Gets Away” – Season 1, Episode 9
For the first time, Monica cooks Thanksgiving dinner for the gang and accommodates the dinner to each of her friends’ preference — but they end up getting locked out of the apartment while the turkey is cooking. The dinner ends up ruined, but the group are able to enjoy Thanksgiving nonetheless. Although this episode is the first Thanksgiving, it marks the beginning of the traditional Thanksgiving episodes seen throughout the series.
“Ew…Ugly Naked Guy’s taking his turkey out of the oven!”
Phoebe Buffay

7. “The One With The Late Thanksgiving” – Season 10, Episode 8
After some convincing, the friends get Monica to host and cook Thanksgiving dinner but fail to arrive on time as they set different priorities, resulting in Monica and Chandler locking them out. The episode, however, ends with a lovely ending after Monica hears happy news from the adoption agency. Loved by viewers, this final Thanksgiving episode introduces parenthood in Monica and Chandler’s lives as it marks the growth of the group and the beginning of the new lives they embark on.
“Don’t put words in people’s mouths. You put turkey in people’s mouths”
Joey Tribianni

6. “The One With Chandler In A Box” – Season 4, Episode 8
After falling in love and kissing Joey’s girlfriend, Chandler lies down in a box as he begs for Joey’s forgiveness during Thanksgiving. In the B-plot, Monica gets ice in her eye and goes to the eye doctor who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend Richard’s son, whom she invites to the Thanksgiving dinner. This episode is loved by many fans because of the situation in which Chandler finds himself to prove his loyalty to his friendship with Joey.
“Fine, judge all you want, but married a lesbian, left a guy standing at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl’s wooden leg in a fire, lives in a box.”
Monica Geller

5. “The One With The Football” – Season 3, Episode 9
The friends decide to play a game of football on Thanksgiving day, delaying the dinner they had planned. This episode raises sibling competition between Ross and Monica when both fight to win the game. This episode speaks greatly to watchers because of this theme of sibling rivalry to which many can relate to.
“Are we playing football or what? Come on you hairy-backed Marys!”
Monica Geller

4. “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister” – Season 9, Episode 8
Rachel’s self-centered and insensitive other sister, Amy Green (Christina Applegate), shows up at the gang’s Thanksgiving dinner and begins to ruin everyone’s mood by making unfiltered comments, turning the friends against each other. Amy builds tension within the storyline and creates depth in the character development of Chandler Bing as he proves to the audience his newfound capability of becoming a father.
“Aw, isn’t that sweet? Rachel, she has your original nose.”
Amy Green

3. “The One With The Rumor” – Season 8, Episode 9
This episode features Brad Pitt as a guest actor playing Will Colbert, a high school friend of Monica and Ross. This episode, like all episodes from this TV show, was very comedy-filled after Rachel finds out about Will and Ross’ “I Hate Rachel” club. Rachel, a character used to popularity and admiration, is shocked to find out about embarrassing rumors concerning her. The comedic dialogue creates a hilarious dynamic between characters and makes this episode one the funniest in the series.
“Look at her holding those yams. Those are our two worst enemies, Ross, Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.”
Will Colbert

2. “The One With All The Thanksgivings” – Season 5, Episode 8
In this episode, each friend tells a story of their worst Thanksgiving dinner. It is an episode filled with drama and love and ends with a bittersweet ending. It is a fan favorite because it shows the friends’ lives before the show started giving more depth to the characters.
“More turkey, Mr. Chandler?”

1. “The One Where Ross Got High” – Season 6, Episode 9
This episode is filled with comedy, laughter and confessions. Monica and Ross’ parents come to visit the gang for Thanksgiving dinner but Monica and Chandler have to hide their relationship from them as they seem to hate him. The dinner escalates after the friends (especially the Gellers) all confess some secrets of theirs. In the 30 seconds of these confessions, the audience enjoys sibling betrayal and misplaced comments to fill this episode with laughter.
“That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds…”
Judy Geller