Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending Trivia Night, which was hosted by The Barn. From the start to the finish, the evening was a delightful blend of delicious drinks, engaging questions and lots of laughter with friends. Run through the company Pub Trivia Nerds, and hosted by comedian Ace Guillen, these Trivia Nights have been every Tuesday night since Oct. 17 and will continue to run until Dec. 12.

The game began at 5:30 p.m., but my posse and I arrived at 5:00 p.m. to secure our seats because we were a larger group. The event was hosted at The Barn Stable, the conference room more elevated than the regular Barn food court. Servers come to your table with menus; it’s one of the few places on campus that serves alcohol and it isn’t too loud or crowded like The Barn sometimes is. At first my group and I were nervous that there weren’t going to be enough people to compete against, but as 5:30 p.m. approached, the crowd quickly started filling in and three-fourths of the tables were filled. The room was mainly students, some undergrad and some graduate, with the special addition of a family of five sitting perched near a front table. Through banter with the host, it was revealed that the family members are the reigning champions and I assume they have been going to this trivia night or others for a long time. Spoiler alert: they won bragging rights again this night, along with the grand prize of a $50 Starbucks gift card. Luckily, two new student teams were also able to win the second and third place prizes.

The competition was composed of seven rounds.The trivia categories were diverse, ranging from pop culture and history to science and geography. I appreciated this as it ensured that everyone had a chance to shine, regardless of their area of expertise. The questions themselves were thoughtfully crafted, striking a perfect balance between challenging and entertaining. Though none of my group had been to a trivia night before, we were not stumped by every question — nor did we immediately get every one! The host managed to keep the pace engaging, preventing any lulls that can sometimes occur in trivia events. The incorporation of multimedia elements, including a picture round, added an extra layer of excitement and kept participants on their toes.

Something I particularly appreciated was how welcoming the space was. Even though my group were newcomers, there was a place for us at the table. The event attracted a diverse crowd of trivia enthusiasts, creating an inclusive and friendly environment. Whether your group was seasoned trivia pros or first-timers, the teams huddled together in the exact same way, exchanging laughs and brainstorming answers, creating a sense of community that added immeasurable value to the overall experience.

Overall, the night was one of entertainment and intellect. It’s the perfect outing for groups of friends, colleagues, or anyone looking for a night of lighthearted fun and mental stimulation. I can’t wait to return next week with the same group and try our luck out on the night’s Thanksgiving-themed “bird” questions, and get in the holiday spirit while doing so!