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Research spotlight: Phillip Sternes’ megalodon research challenges its presumed morphology

Feeding the media mouth-fulls of scale-raising jaws, challenging the fear factor of caged adrenalin junkies and curbing the idea of a family beach day...
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How to conquer organic chemistry

Organic chemistry’s reputation among the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) students, and University of California, Riverside’s (UCR) student population as a whole,...
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How to conquer recommendation letters

In a perfect world, recommendation letters would be sent to no job or school and endorsement would come from our friends that would vouch...
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Who you should date based on which ‘Sex and the City’ girl you are

When you're a twenty-something-year-old in college, your whole life is about pursuing the slight chance of a passing glance from your dining hall crush...
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How to conquer “Twilight” core this winter

In Southern California, under near-constant solar radiation, there is a large city named Riverside. With no promises of rain and the dependence on a...
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Exploring UCR’s liminal spaces

If there is any recurring enemy for a college student, it’s their class schedule. Although multiple hour labs and back to back lectures are...