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RIP: Rest in Peace, or Rise in Plays?

A posthumous album is a project released after the death of the artist. However, questions remain afloat in trying to decipher the purpose of...

Bonfire: The G-Rated Rave you never asked for!

In theory, a free concert can do no wrong, or at least that is what one would think upon initially choosing to attend UCR’s...

“FM!” is the future summer anthem that’s getting bumped for the wrong reasons

Throw on your sunglasses and get your speakers ready because Vince Staples’ crip-walk-inducing rap project, “FM!,” is the ideal album for blasting at your...

“BALLADS 1”, coming to an elevator near you!

George Miller, also known as, Joji, Pink Guy and most notably, Filthy Frank, is a former YouTube star who initially gained his popularity from...

With a bloated tracklist “Tha Carter V” fails to make an impact

Once upon a time, in a seemingly alternate universe, where Bobby Shmurda freely shmoney-danced the streets of New York and the radio was actually...